The maintenance department coordinates with customers to design and develop comprehensive plans for maintenance and cleanliness of facilities, installations according to the dates fit in with their interests and business goals.

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Highly mobile work units consisting of well-experienced technicians in their specialties and supported by sophisticated equipment and tools that help them to efficiently accomplish high quality jobs.
We provide technical solutions to our customers' needs and satisfaction
For each building, we develop and maintain a data base that covers description of all systems and maintenance done to them.
Strong commitment and precision in delivering all services at the best prices.
We deal with our customers through an interactive electronic system of multi channels which easily allow customers to call customer service, visit the website or use smart phones to ask for service.
The Customers' Service Center is a control room that support technicians, evaluate performance , assess quality of completed works and determine degree of customers' satisfaction and follow up on complaints and suggestions.
A multichannel system to order services.
Service points are available in all city districts.
Smart phone allow you to order service with ease.

Who We Are

The maintenance department coordinates with customers to design and develop comprehensive plans for maintenance and cleanliness of facilities, installations according to the dates fit in with their interests and business goals.


  • Providing best services in Maintenance and Associated Services
  • Best services with Highly skilled Resources
  • Competative pricing, minimum inconvenience & customer satisfaction
  • Building strong relationship based on services and trust

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver multi disciplinary and comprehensive services to enable our clients to achieve their targeted goals regardless of scope and complexity.


  • Client satisfaction
  • Loyalty to customers
  • Competative Pricing
  • Services using state-of-art Technology


Providing the best services to customers continuously in the coming years(Allah’s Willing) by sincere, hard working personnel with high caliber of expertise and training, equipped with the lastest tools and equipment in achieving his desired goals & satisfaction for a better society.

Our Services

Gardening & Landscaping

( SOON )

Interior Cleaning

We execute Internal cleaning of floors, furniture and cleansing of spilled oil stains, aquariums using environmentally friendly materials and take our water consumption into consideration by qualified technicians, that ensures customer privacy and comfort, in addition to supplying all cleanliness materials, sterilization devices and equipments that are environmentally friendly.

Elevator Maintenance

As per preventive maintenance operations which take place periodically once a month, other than addressing the complaints. Maintenance of the elevators includes... checking the controls, cleaning, lubrication of the machine, examine the tow ropes traction, weight, cabin railway lubrication, check the cables, check the integrity of the cabin, heavy fillings also clean the cabin inside and outside and besides simple repairs occurred in the elevator.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

HVAC system maintenance: cleaning service includes external entities with high pressure and check the compressor, fan, thermostats, checking freon pressure, cleaning the internal units, filters, rotary parts, pipes drainage condensation, gas pipes and ensure that the electricity connections are safe as input voltage.

Plumbing System Maintenance

Maintenance of water and sanitation systems (plumbing) including services to check the water and sanitation network within the building and leaks in addition to check all valves, faucets and water heating devices and hoses.

Pest & Rodent Control

We provide services of pests control like ants and roaches using safe pesticides within hospitals, residential buildings, hotels, residential complexes, industries and others. We also provide services against flying insects such as flies and mosquitoes in open areas such as parks, villas, palaces at social and official events as we provide toxic pest control services such as scorpions, snakes. Services against stray animals such as cats, dogs, monkeys, birds and other disturbing and control services. We also provide termite and Ant Digger during building construction or after the construction. We also provide advisory, technical services, supply equipment and materials control.

Electrical System Maintenance

This service includes checking of electrical network in buildings, electrical equipment inside & outside, including sockets, switches and control panels, lighting devices, breakers and low tension networks (telephone, satellite, wire and wireless Internet networks, switchboard system & intercom).

Cleaning Facades

Cleaning interfaces are one of our tasks as attention to it is a very important such as interesting in its cleanliness from inside because it keeps the age of the building as long as possible and makes the building maintains its beauty and splendor. We use the best materials that keep their brightness and luster. We are dedicated to clean glass surfaces as well as stone interfaces using the latest cleaning expertise technicians in performing tasks assigned to them at a record pace by using modern devices which help to clean interfaces with precision and quality taking into consideration all elements of security and safety required for such work types.

Low Current Systems

All maintenance operations are done by a team of skilled technicians and service vehicles equipped with the latest tools & equipment ensuring high-quality service with efficiency.

Our Clients

Guaranteed Services.. Easy to Order.. Fast Fixing !

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